One of my favorite parts of Sunday School is our break time.  Weather allowing, we take all of the kids outside to the courtyard for some fresh air, hanging out with friends, and old-fashioned fun: sidewalk chalk, bubbles, jump ropes and wholesome snacks.

This morning, I was watching a group of girls as they stood in a circle and took turns encouraging each other to blow the biggest bubbles.  One young lady grabbed a bottle, dipped the wand, and blew quite hard, resulting in only some wet soap drops.  After repeating this action about 3 or 4 times, she handed the bottle to another girl and declared, “these bubbles don’t work“. Her classmate dipped the same wand, and produced a beautiful, large masterpiece.  “Well, they don’t work for me” was the response.

I called the child over to me, and handed her the bottle of bubbles again.  I urged the reluctant girl to try a different method – and, finally, with a much more gentle blow, she produced a few small bubbles.  With a big smile, she tried again and again until she blew the most beautiful, enormous bubble of the day!

All of our students are bright and eager to produce perfect work.  Often, we forget to take the time to teach them how to learn…to encourage them and build up their confidence to try again.  For some, it comes easily; others need to discover a slightly different approach.  A little analytical skill, gentle encouragement, and patience will eventually produce the desired results.

It is a delight to watch our children as they discover their potential.

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