First Day!

I love the first day of school!

During the week before school starts, I think that we ALL have the jitters:  kids worry about new teachers and increased workloads; parents worry about schedules and kids who are whining about new teachers and increased workloads. Teachers worry about new kids and new curricula.  And I worry about, well..everything!

Then the first day is here – much too soon.  I toss and turn all night worrying about all the details.  Are the teacher’s ready?  Will the kids hate us?  What will parents think about the changes we’ve made over the summer?  What if nobody comes?

But as soon as the very first family walked into the lobby, I suddenly relaxed.  Greeting old friends and meeting new ones is a great feeling.  As soon as I walked into the sanctuary, I was almost run over by a line of exhuberant dancers: boys and girls, adults and babies, familiar faces and new!  It is hard not to at least tap your feet to the wonderful sounds of Koltrain.  The big smiles on the kids’ faces tell it all.  We’re back!

Lots of good stuff happened this morning.  Parents learned about all the work that the JJC has put into unveiling the new Galinsky Academy over the summer, and learned about our new “Community of Kindness” program.  6th graders and their parents enjoyed being introduced to the Etgar program, with help from some volunteer congregants.  5th grade families met with Hazzan Holzer for their first B’Nei Mitzvah meeting.  Classes went extremely well – and I finally got to launch our new self-paced Hebrew program.  I was so proud of my 4th grade students’ enthusiastic acceptance of this new curriculum.  Laughter in the hallways…smiles on little faces as I walk past the doors…a quick peek into the Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms assured me that we are the best ever!

I’m not worried any more.  My Religious School family is back together, and we are ready for an amazing year.  Feels great!

I love the first day!





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