Community of Kindness

As most of you know, we have been working together at the Center to create what is being called a “community of kindness”.  This is an exciting initiative; we’ve already had one program and look forward to more.

We are still studying the results of our bullying survey (taken last month in school) – the results of the 2nd through 4th grade responses can be found on Jon Mitzmacher’s blog at  (also, you can find a direct link on our Religious School home page, right above mine!).  He will have the findings of the larger group, grades 5-8, in the coming weeks.  We are determined to do our best to identify the needs of our students, and to act on our new knowledge, creating a kinder, gentler, and more compassionate community.

Two videos have already been made – and now it is our turn!  I’ll be making a video this week with our teachers and students and will get it on our website as soon as possible.  Here’s my challenge:  grab your camera, your flip, or your phone, and start filming!  Submit your pictures, video, or animated creation to me, and we’ll put it on our website.  Show us what your idea of a “community of kindness” would look like!

A community, by definition, MUST include all of us.  We don’t hesitate to jump in as we make physical improvements on our building and in our classrooms. Now, let’s work together to define and create an improved culture at our Jacksonville Jewish Center home.


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